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The importance of Customer Service in the accounting world.

January 18, 2019

A respectable business, regardless its nature and size, must be capable to offer a sound service to his all clients. Looking after profits is not more important than listening to the multiple requests of every single stakeholder. Therefore, both values and know-how are fundamental to make the difference between a firm and another one also in the accounting industry. You can find below a list of the main characteristics which we identified at WellTax:  

– Adaptability. The accounting industry is changing rapidly. The role of the accountant is becoming more of an advisory one as technology automates processes and removes the need for paper.

– Honesty and Integrity. Honesty is highly valued in the accounting world. Accountants and the firms they work for pride themselves on adhering to the highest ethical standards and always treating their clients with honesty and integrity. It is important to be transparent when making decisions, providing advice, and completing tasks

– Encourage relation-building. Every type of enterprise is encouraged to establish a genuine relationship with its clients day by day. This relationship has to be based on trust and focus its attention on meeting the clients’ needs rather than the sales finalisation. However, very often companies tend to make the common mistakes of forgetting the client during the after-sale process; even worst, they fail to assist clients at the best once assistance is needed.   

– Active listening skills. Understanding client needs is crucial in achieving business success. It helps dealing with clients in respectful manners by showing interests towards their requests and by managing, smoothly and transparently, the daily tasks. The customer understanding is linked to the ability of those who are in charge of customer service. Thence, their ability to listen, understand and adapt every situation at its more appropriate contest. It is clear that these skills can always be improved by going through specific professional training. WellTax is well aware of this crucial point. In fact, our journey taught us how understanding a client’s intention and being able to promptly meet his/her needs can give an enormous contribution to achieving the common goals that helped us growing our reputation in the UK.  

– Constant interest in the financial situation of your clients. It is useless to specify that looking interested it is not enough. Those accountants who regularly communicate with their clients, who organise periodical meetings offering consulting sound services are then able to understand the clients’ needs, support them at the best throughout their period of activity and go ‘extra mile’. 

– Creative problem-solving. Change is likely to bring about challenges as well as positives. Therefore, firms need accountants who can think outside the box and come up with effective ways to solve new problems.

In conclusion, the combination of the abovementioned elements is not only fundamental to ensure a high level of customer service which motivates the same clients to nourish a faithful and long-lasting relationship with the company. It is also able to generate extraordinary word-of-mouth between those satisfied clients who will be more than happy to share their positive experience with some potential ones.  
At WellTax we know really well how important the customer service is. In fact, we always combine it with our honesty and ability to approach proactively a multitude of situations which incur in our professional journey. The interest that we put upon establishing a strong relationship with our clients and the effort that we make to accomplish our tasks is a reason of pride for our stakeholders and for those who decided to rely on us.


Marco Mittica

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