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Settlement scheme updates for EU citizens in the UK

June 25, 2018

There is news from the British government regarding Brexit for European citizens residing in the United Kingdom.

On Thursday 21 June on the government website a document containing the details for obtaining and guaranteeing EU citizens residing in the UK the right to remain in the country after Brexit.

The cost of the operation to be supported is £65 (€74), truly marginal compared to what was previously thought.

All this would seem to be in line based on what Sajid Javid said: “Our position is to grant the status and we will try to do this as quickly as possible. We will not make excuses to try to do the opposite, obviously, a lot will depend from the information provided, there must be a good reason why we will not grant it.”

The minister confirms his commitment to protecting the current rights of EU citizens following their exit from the Union.

The important points of the published document are:

  • European citizens will have to confirm their identity, the absence of pending criminal charges and that they currently live in the United Kingdom;
  • The application process should open in autumn, 2018, although no exact indication has been given on the timing;
  • Applications can be made online or via the Android app and will cost £65 (€74) for adults and £32 (€37) for children;

The agreements reached with Brussels during the negotiations of recent months have led to a simplification process for those who are already in Great Britain, unlike the current procedure for obtaining the permanent residence, which can last six months.

What’s new is that:

  • You will get a yes or no answer in a few days;
  • Citizens of European Union countries who reside in Great Britain will be able to obtain authorization to remain across the Channel even after Brexit by taking an online test.

The procedure which is expected to start in autumn 2018 must, however, be concluded by 30 June 2021.

Settled status

Before Brexit transition: EU residents who have lived in the country continuously and legitimately for the last 5 years (as of 31 December 2020, when the Brexit transition window expires) will be able to apply for permanent residence in the territory British.

Post Brexit transition: EU residents who arrive before the end of the transition period, but fail to cover the required five-year period, will be able to apply to stay and meet the five years required by law and then carry out the application later.

The same rights of access to healthcare, pensions and other benefits for resident status or temporary permits granted to European citizens will be guaranteed.

For family members of European citizens residing in the United Kingdom, the possibility of applying to obtain residence status before 31 December 2020 is reserved, while post-Brexit they will still be able to as long as the family relationship is in place before of December 31, 2020.

Article from “gov.uk”

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