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Marcello Silvestri – How I founded a company in England (in 20 minutes)

January 8, 2019

…During the birth phase of Wiredmark, I had to be very careful about how I spent my money, especially regarding any fixed monthly expenses, which is why my search for an accountant initially proved torturous: the same Companies Made Simple website recommended a service called TaxAssist, complete with a free first appointment, which I however decided to exclude: inaccessible prices and certainly not suitable, in my opinion, for those in the situation I found myself in.

My desperate search thus led me towards Fusion Accountants, a low-cost service (£99 + VAT per month) and almost all-inclusive, excluding some things that are not included in their packages (such as the management of a Pension Scheme, which has been mandatory by law for some years).

It’s not all roses obviously, you get what you pay for. The disadvantages of this service are in my opinion:

  • Non-Italian accountant, as one might imagine;
  • The very limited direct relationship (every time I had to go through a call center and I didn’t always receive a call back the same day);
  • The possibility that the accountant assigned to you suddenly changes even after years, as he did to me;
  • Anything that goes outside the package costs a lot;

For the above reasons, I relied on Fusion Accountants up to a point, whereas today I use WellTax, where at an absolutely reasonable cost I have one or more Italian reference professionals always at my disposal, very competent and above all who act with initiative, qualities that are difficult to identify in many similar situations nowadays.

If I had known them before, I probably would have trusted them from day one…Marcello Silvestri – How I founded a company in England (in 20 minutes)

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