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London – Business City 2018

May 24, 2018

Colliers International is a multinational real estate services company operating in 68 countries worldwide, a giant of $ 2.6 billion a year. He released an important report on real estate activities in London and the UK on March 14th, showing that a trend of companies and investors prefers London as a reference city for its investments in spite of the Brexit.

This city is the number one in Europe, before Paris, Madrid and Moscow, for talent availability, economic performance and productivity driven by strong quality in the tertiary sector.

Colliers says: “London is preserving and strengthening its magnetic attraction for multinational corporations. The demand for “space” has improved in 2017, thanks above all to the overseas occupants. The Euro-skepticism of 2016 on the headquarter profitability such as London seems to have substantially withdrawn since the demand for space from European-owned companies grew in 2017 above the long-term average. “

In fact, the report shows a growth of 370% in 2017 of the square meters purchased and used for commercial purposes by numerous companies, such that the occupants of overseas London increased by 16% compared to 2016, focusing on expansion and relocation plans.

In particular, these activities affect, for 50% of the demand, certain sectors such as media, technology, accounting and financial services.

It refers to the opening of new offices of internationally renowned companies such as: WeWork, Deutsche Bank (new HQ in London), Amazon, Verizon, Snapchat, Expedia, Adobe, Turner Broadcasting and Apple (Battersea Power station), Bank of America, l’Oreal, Warner Music, Facebook (King’s Cross), Nike, LinkedIn and Sony.

In 2018, five investment banks, such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citi, in cooperation with Goldman Sachs, which has occupied its new headquarters in Farringdon, could see that in London.

But it is not only London that appears in the top 10 of the ranking, in fact, we find Birmingham at the fifth place, the town of business par excellence after the City, while Edinburgh and Manchester are placed respectively in seventh and tenth place.

It appears from this report that the concerns of Brexit have eased and that new investments are being made as a result of accrued income.



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