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Jeremy Corbyn reveals details of Labour’s Brexit plan – and party will NOT call for second referendum

January 29, 2018

The Labour leader clarified his position and gave several details after a string of key figures failed to rule out a new public vote in future

Labour will NOT call for a second EU referendum, Jeremy Corbyn said today.

The Labour leader finally clarified his party’s position after a string of key figures, including his deputy and Shadow Brexit Secretary, failed to rule out the possibility of a new public vote in future.

Labour have continually said they are not backing a second public vote. But until now they’ve been careful to talk in the present tense.

Today, however, Mr Corbyn told the BBC: “We’re not asking for a second referendum.”

Asked “and you’re not going to?”, he replied: “No.”

Mr Corbyn gave details of his view on Brexit as he was grilled by the BBC’s interviewer Andrew Marr:

He agreed he wanted “easy movement” of people to the UK

He did not rule out carrying on making payments to Brussels

He said he could “work with” EFTA (the free trade area)

But he distanced himself from the ‘Norway model’

And he said Britain could be part of “a” customs union – not the customs union already enjoyed by EU nations

Article from the ‘Daily Mirror’

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