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How to change your Accountant

November 26, 2018

The most important feature of a successful business is the attention to details. When you realize that the service received has lost its “value for money”, it is essential to understand if this is a result of a reactive management administration and if your accountant’s support could be still efficient in today’s competitive market. Therefore, you will need to evaluate whether the service offered by your accountant as well as the advice provided are up to standards. In case you feel that renovating your strategies and switching tax advisor would give your business a kick start, it is useful to know that changing accountant is simple and free.



Changing is often easier than one might believe, this process (called Ethical Clearance) is a task that will be performed by the new accountant. Hence, he will contact your previous advisor and gather all the information required.

The first step is to get in touch with a new business consultant and get a quotation if satisfied. Asking for a quote is always the best choice to compare prices and services. The first interaction is crucial as it will avoid having any unexpected surprises (extra charges, misunderstanding etc).

To get started, an agreement between the parts has to be in place. This agreement (an Engagement letter) will clarify all the doubts and set out the terms and conditions for a future collaboration. These steps are essential to ensure that the process goes smoothly and secure a professional figure that could streamline the tax and admin side of the business.



The accountant may be changed at any time of the year at no additional cost, provided that there are no outstanding debts as well as it is not specifically set out in the previous accountancy agreement (for instance the presence of a notice period clause).



When the transition process has ended, we recommend to be as collaborative as possible and to have clarity about your expectations and needs with the new accountant. So that since the very beginning, there will be a relationship based on mutual trust and awareness.

The WellTax operates in absolute transparency, making sure that an effective communication flow is in place. Therefore, customers will get rid of their doubts and be focused on their future company goals.

We do not just notify deadlines – our consultants proactively act to tackle your business issues and be tax effective. We value your opinion and adapt to different circumstances with tailor-made tax management actions.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

WellTax team

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