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How much does it cost to hire an accountant?

June 20, 2018

Registering revenue and expenses, billing, meeting tax deadlines with related payments are time consuming activities and require some experience.

Trying to Save money on this is not a recommendable solutionand it could lead to a waste of time with mediocre and unsatisfactory results.

The solution of doing things independently depends on the sector in which the company or the person operate. In some cases it could take a lot of time and work to do bookkeeping and accounting by themselves, while in others it may be possible to go for the option “do it yourself” if you have enough experience.

What is the cost?

Accounting is a professional service of all respect and is required especially in the start-up phase or when the company has reached a large size, which requires to outsource specialized services.

Its cost is variable, depending on the business sector and the amount of work involved (charge-out). The creation of an estimate is always tailor-made and it takes into account several factors, such as the company type, the turnover ( which may be an indicator of how much workload will be necessary), the workforce, any fixed costs and one-off costs to be anticipated.

Accountants are, therefore, professional consultants who aim to optimize costs for their customers, showing the most efficient and effective way of doing things and supporting them in their activities.

In WellTax we strongly believe that the quote should always be clear and never cause nasty surprises.

In fact, a simple evaluation tool is available on our web platform. This allows entrepreneurs and business managers to obtain a free quotation for accounting services, based on the size of their activities and the tasks to be performed. Talking to one of our expert accountants or consultants, who look at the situation more accurately and find ad hoc solutions through the joint use of software solutions like Quickbooks, can ensure that accounting processes are as efficient as possible.

Contact us and ask for a free quote to receive a solution specially designed for you by our team.

WellTax Team

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