All of our customers will need to file personal tax returns. This process is time-consuming and annoying for individuals who often do not have the time and the competencies for these law legal requirements.

An individual needs to submit a tax return if he/she receives an income:

•   Arising from self-employment

•   Foreign companies.

•   Capital gains

•   Dividends, rents and savings

•   Over £100,000 per year

N.B. also company directors may be required to file a tax return

The Income Tax, which is due on personal income, is divided into three main rates, which vary from 20% to 40% up to 45% (see table below).

Table: Income Tax in the UK

Salary thresholds in the UK


£12,500 to £50,000


£50,000 to £150,000


 Over 150.000



WellTax ensures a high level of expertise and accuracy in determining the entitlement to pay the Income tax and to be eligible for any tax reliefs. Our highly qualified staff has extensive knowledge and experience in taxation and accounting and offers solutions for every need and information on the personal tax return. All this is done through a customised service aimed at the customer's financial well-being.


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