At WellTax, we can provide expert support for medium and small firms regarding their payroll production.

Clients who use our payroll service can be confident that our payroll department will provide them with efficient and functional solutions. So much so, it can perfectly fit the company’s willingness to outsource, it preferences to bring more flexibility and rely on our competencies. By outsourcing the payroll function, our clients avoid employing costly permanent associates, referring to our consultants and their expertise only when required.

As part of our duties, we determine employees’ tax and national insurance contributions, advising employers on terms and conditions of employment, i.e. sickness, holidays, paternity or maternity leave. WellTax will produce the payroll computations to be approved by the client, file the PAYE returns with HMRC and send out employees' payslips either by post or electronically. We produce P45 forms for employees when they leave, and at the end of the year, the P60 and the P11D, in case the company is awarding any benefits in kind to its employees.

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