WellTax provides an in-depth evaluation of the company’s financial situation and willingness to invest in the UK market. The company, based in London, covers several industries and offers its expertise and intuition to entrepreneurs and firms keen to expand their business.

The range of solutions provided by the city of London and the international markets are numerous. All this combined with our professional experience could enable companies to optimise their performance and take full advantage of their financial resources.

With a streamlined tax and budget evaluation as well as picturing the economic and cash flow statements, we ensure to guide our clients in tackling issues related to costs and revenue administration.

We are considered business partners for our customers. Therefore, we build trust by resolving problems related to taxation, investment and management in a prompt and resourceful way.

Our Corporate valuation analysis intends to study the company's financial and economic feasibility of the capital injection into the market. This evaluation process includes various analytical procedures such as:

  • Examination of existing and potential competitors;
  • Comparison of money invested in similar industries;
  • Investments report with appropriate charts and maps;
  • Differentiation of the investment.

Furthermore, WellTax offers a detailed investment analysis considering the company’s value. In detail, we appreciate different aspects, such as:

  • Tangible and intangible assets;
  • The organisation’s financial results are based on the capital deployed;
  • Ability to produce long-term positive cash flow;
  • Strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities.

The sustainable competitive advantage of the investment is according to the power of the company and external competition.

Thus, our investment analysis highlights the objective to consider different business factors for instance: the feasibility of the investment combined with the business and competitive scenario. This investigation is dynamic and in constant development. Mainly, this analysis will be carried out considering the relationship between the investment in the current and future context, comparing the level of market trends and the competitive environment.

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