WellTax supports its customers in the implementation of successful projects, investments and maximisation of their company’s profits. Hence, the Business Plan analysis will be preceded by a general assessment, based on several factors including the economic, financial and market assessment.

This method will attest to several factors such as:

• Entrepreneurship effectiveness

• The company's assets and financial situation

• The best-fit economic approach regarding the reliability of the investments. This practice requires a detailed analysis to determine the project’s competitive advantage.

Once these three main steps have been taken, we will proceed to draft the company’s business plan. This involves three objectives:

• A project plan’s creation that points out the possibility of funding from private entities and the Government (facilitated or through access to traditional channels of credit such as loans and mortgages) to achieve the right connections and extra liquidity into the company.

• Provide essential information to business partners (such as banks and outside investors) and manage relationships with public institutions.

• Establish an information loop that moves from the management point of view to a more financial and organisational perspective.

This objective is supported by deploying critical interventions, which involve a careful analysis of the competition, the business strategies and the market scenario. The complexion of this evaluation will lead us to the correct implementation of the project both for the management and for the organisation.

More in detail we will involve in our analysis the following:

• Market and competitive evaluation;

• Entrepreneurial, cost-effectiveness and financial assessment of the project;

• Competitive strategies development;

• Marketing plan drafting;

• Organisational plan preparation;

• Financial schemes assessment;

• Additional information and documents will be attached to the business plan.

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