WellTax provides corporate secretarial services to businesses, supporting clients in fulfilling their duties under UK regulations.

We will be in charge of fulfilling the yearly statutory duties (which companies are required to fulfil by law), and will also set up a registered office to deal with prescribed obligations on behalf of companies if or when required.

In addition to this, we will provide solutions related to the reorganisation of the company’s structure, such as appointing or removing a director, increasing the share capital and transferring shares, changing the registered office address, etc.

We will draft the required documentation (i.e. minutes, forms, certificates) and will also be responsible for communicating any changes to Companies House and third parties.

To facilitate and improve the flexibility of managing a business, we offer the service of preparing a specific power of attorney, dependent on the business’s need.

These tasks are essential to maintaining a high degree of flexibility and preparing the company for future business expansion.

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